Care and Maintenance of Your Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture

All Greenington furniture is made of 100% natural bamboo. It is very hard, dense and extremely durable. Like any natural hardwood furniture, maintaining the humidity in a controlled environment is also very important for bamboo furniture. Keeping the relative humidity in the range of 40 to 55 percent will greatly reduce the potential for any checking or warping, allowing you to better preserve the natural beauty of the pieces. Here are some general tips that'll go a long way towards maintaining and caring for your new furniture pieces.

Damage Prevention

Use coasters and pads to prevent damage from heat, moisture or heavy objects.

Do not use wax or polish on your bamboo furniture.

To prevent staining or water marks, make sure to clean spills immediately, using a dabbing motion with a soft cloth.


For periodic cleaning use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner designed for wood furniture.

Avoid cleaners that contain abrasive materials, oil, acidic or caustic ingredients or any other harsh chemicals.

Avoiding Scratches

To avoid scratches, take care to lift objects and never drag or slide them across surfaces.

Keep Away from Heat

Avoid placing furniture directly in front of heat vents, wood burning stoves or other heat sources.
Never place bamboo furniture in direct sunlight day after day.

Sturdy Act Information

Starting September 1, 2023, furniture manufacturers and retailers must comply with new furniture safety requirements. Clothing storage furniture, such as dressers, must meet stability standards to avoid injury and deaths from furniture tip-overs for children.

As this result, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will enforce the STURDY Act, and CPSC adopted the ASTM F2057-23 standard as a mandatory requirement that will now go into effect on September 1.

Greenington fully supports and is compliant with the Sturdy Act: 
        Effective Date: All items manufactured after September 1, 2023

        Interlock systems have been installed to dressers and chests. Nightstands are not affected by the ruling.

        Merchandise manufactured prior to September 1st is not affected and can be purchased with full confidence.


    Testing: Greenington passed all required tests using a third party testing company utilizing Interlock drawer systems.

    Interlock Drawer System: The system only allows one drawer to open at a time on a chest and two on a dresser (opposite sides).


     · Products have a permanent approved Warning Label in the top right drawer. 

     · Products have a READ ME IMPORTANT tag adhered to the top drawer explaining the operation of the Interlock drawers (Insert image)